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Ian Zeiring and his daughter


and his daughter
with a Funkin!

JLo’s son Max Muniz with a Funkin!


JLo’s son Max Muniz
with a Funkin!

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Nancy O’Dell

Television Host & Entertainment Journalist

I am so happy to have discovered Funkins’ reusable napkins as a way to help reduce litter when my daughter goes back to school!

Lisa Ling

Journalist & Author

My niece uses her Funkins in her lunch box every day at school and she LOVES them!

Courtney (Mario) Lopez


Gia and I love her Funkins reusable napkins!! What a great way to keep clean and be eco-friendly!!!

Julie Bowen


As always, the gifts for the boys were amazing! The kids went crazy for the backpacks and I went crazy for the Funkins reusable cloth napkins!

Constance Marie & Luna Marie


THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great birthday bag!! We use the Funkins EVERYDAY!!

Andrea Roth & Ava Biermann


Thank you!! Love MyFunkins reusable napkins! Thanks for thinking of us!

John C McGinley & family

Actor & Author

We especially love the Funkins!!


Assistant to Bethenny Frankel

Hi Funkins! Thank you so much for thinking of Bryn on her birthday. She absolutely LOVES her Funkins! She had a picnic at her little kitchen table and Bethenny thought the Funkins made a great addition. Thanks again for thinking of her!

Orly Marley


Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for Abraham’s great reusable cloth napkins - he is starting school in September so I know these will come in very handy! Thanks again! One love.

Melissa Joan Hart


We use our Funkins every day. The kids are diligent about using them as placemats and washing their hands since they had been sick just a few weeks ago. They now understand how to keep themselves healthy and clean. The boys love the patterns and colors, and I know that their meals away from me are a little more bright and protected from school ‘coodies!

Bill Horn & Scout Masterson

The Guncles

Thank you so much for introducing us to Funkins! When we opened the package, we were immediately excited and blown away by the fun, chic (&amo; current) prints. Such a great idea! Love that they can be used as a place mat as well. Our daughter, Simone, literally ripped them out of my hands and started using them for a tea party with her dolls. They're already a big hit in this house!


8 Years Old

My favorite part about lunch is when I open my lunch box and see which Funkin Mom put in there for me. It’s like a surprise every day at lunch time!


6 Years Old

Funkins are so much prettier than my mom’s old napkins! My friends all love my Funkins too!


Mom of 3

My 5 year old and all of his kindergarten friends actually coordinate their Funkins days! Mondays are always robot Funkins day, Tuesdays are baseball Funkins, Wednesdays are dinos....and my daughter coordinates her Funkins with her outfits! Funkins definitely bring joy to lunchtime!


Mom of 2

I can’t stop looking at these Funkins! My son and daughter both love them, we definitely need to have the sports ones, and the polka dots are adorable! How do we choose? We want them all!

T. Renaud

Primary School Director

Funkins are unique, enjoyable and environmentally friendly. As a school, it is important to encourage trash-free lunches and promote awareness of our environment, and this product is one element in achieving that end. The children are delighted with the colorful creations and designs of Funkins.

S. Pimentel

Kindergarten/Grade 1 Teacher

I think Funkins napkins are a bright, festive and eco-friendly addition to any lunch box or waste- free lunch program. The two-sided designs are attractive and children love using their Funkins at school. I think they are absolutely great!