Our Story

At Funkins, we believe it is our responsibility to instill environmental values in our children—and for us, it starts in their lunchbox.


As MyFunkins keeps growing, our vision stays the same. We are always working towards building healthy environment through these sustainable products and building a brighter future — and lunchtime — for our children.

Lisa Baumgartner
Lisa Baumgartner
Funkins Founder & CEO

We were founded in 2011 when MyFunkins creator, Lisa Baumgartner, was looking for a fun and simple way to reduce the environmental impact of her family and friends. When Lisa’s oldest son started preschool, the school’s waste-free lunch program required that parents send a cloth napkin with their kids to help keep the school cleaner and greener.

When Lisa couldn’t find any fun, child-sized cloth napkins, she made her own using bright fabrics and fun patterns. The day her son brought his first Funkin to school, two of Lisa’s friends placed orders.

One order turned into two, and two quickly turned into more. Soon Lisa found herself in need of a commercial fabric supplier and a sewing contractor to keep up with the demand. After a year of testing the napkin design, fabric quality, and product durability, we launched the MyFunkins website and now sell Funkins worldwide.